This is a race battle of two pairs of two to share the role as "Downhill" and "Hillclimb" is teamed with two people and the people who play in the same game room, play against the combined forces.

• Formation of Tag

Select "2 Players(Tag)" in pair of 2 cabinets and the Tag can be formed.
In consultation with two people to decide either in charge of "Downhill" or "Hillclimb"!

* You can check the icon at the top right of the game screen which cabinets are paired.
Pair cabinets will display same alphabet with each other. (Ex; A1 and A2 is pair, B1 and B2 is a pair, ‥)
Cabinets are not paired when there is no alphabet on screen.

• Determine of Play mode

There are three modes called "Operation Kanto", "Online Tag Battle" and "In-Store Tag Battle".

Type of Tag Battle
Operation Kanto
This is a story mode to play against two pairs of two rivals who appeared in "Initial D".
Online Tag Battle
This is communicate in real time play mode that play with Tag players in the other arcade centers.
In-Store Tag Battle
This is real time play mode that play with Tag players in the same arcade centers.

* There is some mode that can not be selected depending on the Arcade center.

• Determine opponent (Matching)

Opponent of "Online Tag Battle" are selected according to ability based on Racer class of Tag Partner and your self.

• Boost Division

In case of "Online Tag Battle" and "In-Store Tag Battle", share and distribute the amount of boost between Tag players that called "Boost Division".
Discus with partner and allocate the amount of boost with consider any information of the Rival Tag!

• Tag Battle Rule

Score will be added when players pick "A (Ace) Panel" of Gold and Silver colors in the course.
Win Tag battle by higher total score than opponent!

• Tag Battle Score

Pick same color of "A (Ace) Panel" by tag players at same section for more bonus points.
Direct communication with Tag partner during the race and aim victory!

List of Tag Battle Score
In addition, the score is doubled when pick "A (Ace) Panel" at Goal.

Finish the race run without giving up until the end!