Characters:Gunma Area

Takumi Fujiwara

There is no choice but to attack…Overtake one more time!!
Downhill Ace of Project D.
Takumi who drive the eight-Six is beyond the realm of ordinary people anymore and breathtaking even Kanagawa top level drivers. Before the decisive battle with the Miracle Boy Shinji Inui of Team Side Winder, he is entrusted from Keisuke the last performer as "Fastest Downhill Driver of North Kanto Area".
Telling the truth, my engine have not got into high speed rotation zone as it is the ace for last since PROJECT D was started, to avoid engine got the stress.
TeamProject D

Keisuke Takahashi

It is fun, and excited to the bone.
Now might be happiest since Project D was started.

Hillclimb Ace of Project D.
With his natural fighting spirit and sharpness of a wild intuition, he keeps winning games.
He achieves huge growth in a manner extreme enough to be commented by Ryosuke "I can't beat him even if I am in peak condition" in the sidewinder match.
It seems hopes to settled as "Takumi" someday.
TeamProject D
• RX-7 Type R [FD3S] RX-7 Type R [FD3S]

Ryosuke Takahashi

It is tiny to say the dream but I would like to grow a driver that works in the world ...
He is the originator and takes total command of the Project D who is strongest charisma of North Kanto.
In order to settle the fight with "Grim Reaper" Rin Hojyo, Ryosuke Takahashi comeback as a driver temporarily, and he showed off a driving technique which is just same as the old days.
After watching PROJECT D to the end, he stated his dream in front of Kaori's tomb, who he loved in past times.
TeamProject D
• RX-7 ∞III [FC3S] RX-7 ∞III [FC3S]

Itsuki Takeuchi

Looks awesome, my LEVIN.
Best friend of Takumi and team member of the Akina Speed ​​Stars.
He is longing to the world of Racer and purchased Eight-Five by mistake instead of Eight-Six.
As a result of direct negotiating to company president with risk of pay cut, he got the day off and go to the last battle of PROJECT D in Kanagawa.
TeamAkina Speed Stars

Koichiro Iketani

Home team absolutely should not be lost to outsiders.
Leader of Akina Speed Stars.
Being unreliable sometimes, but he is the man who do his business at a critical moment.
One cases in Mako is in a good memories for Iketani now.
TeamAkina Speed Stars
• SILVIA K's [S13] SILVIA K's [S13]


Even this ability, I am one of top three in the Akina Speed ​​Stars.
Members of the Akina Speed ​​Stars as same as Iketani and Itsuki.
He bring the information of the Project D and chatter at a gas station always.
He has not enough money and worry about the transportation costs to go to see the race.
TeamAkina Speed Stars
• 180SX TYPE II [RPS13] 180SX TYPE II [RPS13]

Takeshi Nakazato

Badge of R on the rear side mean Invincible legend! !
Leader of Night Kids the Racer Team in Myogi Mountain.
No rival after change to the GT-R and looking for a rival who will be seriously yourself.
Only being not good shape under pressure and bad temper are the weak point on him.
TeamMyogi Night Kids

Shingo Shoji

I will teach you severity of Downhill.
Downhill specialist of Myogi Night Kids.
He and Nakazato are on cat-and-dog term. He is eager to prey on fastest position in the team.
Ability is good but bad personality, he approached an unfavorable rule such as Packing tape Death Match.
TeamMyogi Night Kids
• Civic SiR・II [EG6] Civic SiR・II [EG6]

Mako Sato & Sayuki

OK, Sayuki. I will race of the best ever!!
Team called the Impact Blue whose fastest at Usui ridge.
Mako is shy but full speed driving in yell.
Sayuki of partners who supporting of race course check and knowledge of the mechanical.
TeamImpact Blue

Kenta Nakamura

If downhill of rain, it is possible to race by purely skill.
The members of the Akagi Red Sands who always with Keisuke.
He has confidence in the race of the rain, he practice the drift in one's own style before entering the team.
He played a Marshall with using a mobile phone in the Team Spiral against the Project D.
TeamAkagi Red Suns
• Silvia Q's [S14] Silvia Q's [S14]


FR is of no match to 4WD with snow road and I'm a common sense of the world! !
Senior of same high school as Takumi and Itsuki. He is moderate and fooling around of women.
He went university in Tokyo after graduation, but has been homecoming to spring break.
When he was in high school, he has experience of being struck by Takumi for Natsuki Mogi issue. He still hold a grunge against it now.
He is ordinary people and no race skill.

Two Guys from Tokyo

It is impossible to lose the race, I've trained in circuit truck meet.
Nerd Duo who came from Tokyo. (Age unknown)
He uses rude language to even new people.
By practicing in circuit truck well, he seems have a strong confident on his driving technique.
• Silvia spec-R [S15] Silvia spec-R [S15]

Bunta Fujiwara

Experienced is everything in the world of craftsmen.
He is father of Takumi then taught driving skill to Takumi from scratch.
His skill is truly off the scale. Even Takumi is treated as a kid.
After passing over Eight-Six, he drives IMPREZA of his own on a whim in local Akina.
TeamFujiwara Tofu Shop