updated on 2016.04.26
About Time Attack Ranking of "Nanamagari / Hillclimb"

Thank you for playing the "Initial D ARCADE STAGE 8 Infinity".

On the Time Attack Ranking of "Nanamagari / Hillclimb", Time Record's data from broken Driver's License was updated.
At the present time, that record is deleted and the Ranking is restored.
The World Ranking on cabinets (Top 10) is updated at the time make a new record of Top 10.

About the Ranking of Racer Event "Nanamagari Hillclimb Fastest Tournament", it is exceedingly difficult to delete Time Record, we are sorry to trouble you, but we cannot correct this.

The correct TOP10 of Ranking is below.

Rank Driver Time Car MT/AT Area Dates
1 パンダマン? 2'30"839 Z33 MT Tokyo 2016/4/24 16:22
2 まるひひひひ 2'31"223 Z33 MT Tokyo 2016/4/24 14:37
3 てぃも~る@ 2'31"521 Z33 MT Chiba 2016/4/24 22:23
4 @ルシフェル 2'31"926 Z33 MT Hyogo 2016/4/24 14:57
5 真ιSLα. 2'31"929 Z33 MT Yamaguchi 2016/4/24 18:51
6 香風 智乃 2'31"982 Z33 MT Niigata 2016/4/24 20:39
7 きりゅう@R 2'32"110 Z33 MT Fukushima 2016/4/24 18:20
8 Rιαs? 2'32"505 ZC6 MT Tokyo 2016/4/21 19:25
9 Åναταγ 2'32"780 Z33 MT Tokyo 2016/4/21 21:20
10 HINZ 2'32"839 Z33 MT Hong Kong 2016/4/23 20:58

Please accept our apologies for causing you a great deal of trouble.

updated on 2016.04.19
Online Battle Balance Adjustments [Rev.10]

From Apr. 19 (Tue), some "Car Models" are adjusted their performance only in "Online Battle".

By winning percentage and activity ratio on each "Car Model", performance is adjusted upward basically.

Online Battle Balance adjusts according to analyzing play data of all "Initial D8 Infinity" users.

Adjusted Car Models (Rev.10)


 MR-S (ZZW30)




 NSX (NA1)





* Available on [ Version 1.2 EXP +D Rev.10 ] Game Cabinets. Check bottom of advertise screen.

updated on 2016.04.19
Partial Replacement of items in "My Slots"

From Apr. 19 (Thu), items in "My Character Slot" , "My Frame Slot" and "Title Slot" replace partly !
Don't miss a chance to get items you don't have yet !!

updated on 2016.04.01
"Secret Racer Event" & "Project D Mission Lv.Infinity 2nd" is held

From Apr. 1 (Fri) to Apr. 3(Sun), "Secret Racer Event" is held !

"Mirror Course"and"One Chance Time Attack"... the Racer Event is as difficult as ever held !

Racer Event "One Chance & Mirror Time Attack in Spring 2016"
  • Event Duration: 2016 Apr. 1 (Fri) to 2016 Apr. 3 (Sun) 09:00 - 22:00
  • Event Scale: World Tournament
  • Event Type: One Chance Time Attack
  • Course: Tsubaki Line / HillClimb / Dry / Night
  • Prize Condition: The Top 90% of All
  • Prize: Event Sticker (Select one of them, when you get Prize)
    • Event Sticker
    • Event Sticker
    • Event Sticker
  • Award:My Frame
    • My Frame

※Any car models can participate.

※The course reverse left and right sides.

※This event can challenge only once.

Then, "Project D Mission Lv.Infinity 2nd" is held too.
According to Racer Event Result, "Title" shown below will be awarded !!

Top 100 Racers on Event Result

*"Title" shown above will be presented at 2016 Apr. 5 (Tue) 7:00AM JST, only if you are an 'Initial D.NET' member.
( JST means Japan Standard Time, same as UTC+9. )
If your usage rights for 'Initial D.NET' expire at the moment shown above, "Title" is not presented.

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